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Feng Sui project of multistoried house, Riga, Latvia

On these two photos you can see an old 2-storey wooden house, situated between two higher houses built later in one of the central parts of Riga. There is little yard behind the house, sufficient for development.

The yard and the plot of land under the wooden house were bought under the condition of finding new flats for dwellers and building a new house on this land. The owner decided to build the best and the most comfortable building in the Riga, announced an opened competition for the best architectural project and the winner has been chosen.

According to the project, the new building is to blend in with the old city and its front side looks like this:

The house has complex architectural shape, deepens into the yard and from the yard looks like this:

n such a complex architectural house the flats are of unusual shape, for example:

As a Feng Shui specialist I started my work on the very firs project stage – therefore Feng Shui possibilities for creating favorable energetic circumstances in the house in general and in the every flat can be used at most. I studied the house location and its architecture, gave the recommendations for the outward house decoration, protection from unfavorable external conditions, internal planning of the first office floor and planning of all the flats. I do hope that the house will be built soon, all my recommendations will be taken into account and all the dwellers will have interesting and happy lives.

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