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Feng Shui study of a house in Prague, Czech Republic

This 3-storey house has two features. First feature is that from the point of view of the Feng Shui School of Shapes its position on a hill side is perfect. There is a quiet street in front of the house and the relief is lowering; behind the house there is a hill, i.e. the rise of the relief; neighboring house are on the left and right sides. So the house has good black turtle, red phoenix, green dragon and white tiger.

Second feature is hidden in a house map of flying stars. The house was built in 1994, in the 7-th generation, front side of it is directed towards North-1, and the house has the following map of Feng Shui flying stars:

The main entrance is in the face palace. It can be seen on the map that in the 7-th generation, till 2004 star-emperor-star 7 did not enter the house through front palace, therefore this map wasn’t favorable.

In the 8-th generation, from 2004, the situation has changed; the star-emperor of the current 8-th generation enters the house though the main entrance and the map became very favorable precisely for strengthening of wellbeing.

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