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Feng Shui observations

This “anti-Feng Shui” cafe entrance I have met in St. Petersburg, Russia. A huge “stone” is handing over the entrance door. It may seem eccentric, but one feels unsafe while entering cafe. I’ve seen a car handing over the pizzeria entrance in Tunisia. The countries are different but people are thinking similarly. This is an example of bad Feng Shui.
What’s this on your opinion? This is rubbish stove in Chinese temple. It’s a good example of both practical and decorative use of so trivial thing. This is good Feng Shui. Can you see Hu-Lu pumpkin as a chimney? This is meaningful – a pumpkin cleans the energy. Such a big lion-guard sits in front of the shopping-centre! He must be driving away bad energy and bad people. You can see that good people are not scared by him.
This is a viewing site near the pond with goldfishes. Beautiful view! What do you think this is? This is not an entrance to the shop or restaurant. This is a bus stop in Indonesia. It’s wonderful Feng Shui!
This is a winter fountain in Novokuznetsk, Russia. You can see snow under the “water”. Fountain is made of many colored shining flexible wires and colors begin to glow one after another from bottom to top. This is a very good Feng Shui idea – the climate here is cold and usually fountains operate for short time during a year. This fountain operates all the year round. The biggest fountain of abundance is in Singapore. There can buy a test tube with fountain water with the instructions where to place it in your room to increase the wealth.
This “falling” hotel situates near Moscow. Bad Feng Shui, no comments. An example of bad Feng Shui, no comments.