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Expert Council

Feng Shui International Expert Council has been organized in 2007 and Lev Igelnik is the chairman and coordinator of the Council. A more detailed information you can get on the website of the Feng Shui International Expert Council

As a first step of the Council activities we have announced an Annual International Competition for the best Feng Shui Project.

I invite you and your students to participate in this competition. You can see the necessary information below.

Please mind that only projects of big building objects such as private houses, shops and restaurants, big offices, hotels, many storied business-centers and commercial buildings, big residential settlements and city districts are accepted for the Competition.

The materials for the competition should include consultant’s Feng Shui project of the building under construction or build in the last two years.

The materials for the competition should be presented in English in the arbitrary form. They should include the essence and special features of the project in a maximum short form, the essence of consultant’s work, his (her) decisions and advice and reasons for them. The realization of the project should be confirmed by photos or any other representational materials.

Dear Sirs,

In the years 2007 and 2008 there was announced a competition for the "Best Feng Shui Project of a Building". However the insufficient interest for the competition among professionals, the insufficient number of projects received by the jury and the quality of the projects received have not made it possible to carry out a valid professional competition. Due to this reasons it was decided not to announce an annual competition until the better times come. The idea of an annual competition resulted to be premature.

Chairman of the Council,

Lev Igelnik

As the second step of the Council activities we would like to compose a catalogue of the big building objects such as private houses, hotels, many storied business-centers, offices and commercial buildings, big residential settlements and city districts, built due to the recommendations of the Feng Shui consultants.

Further on we will publish a book - album with the pictures of these objects, information on the architect and the Feng Shui consultant with a detailed explanation of which in particular Feng Shui recommendations have been used and why. Such a book will be of a great use for the specialists in the field of Feng Shui and architecture, will provide the growing interest for the Feng Shui in the world and will facilitate the advertisement of the competent Feng Shui specialists.

In this issue we are asking for your collaboration and help. Would you be so kind to inform us about such kind of objects in your country and in other countries. We need the following information about these objects: the location of the building object (country, city, address, title), the name of the architect and the Feng Shui consultant and his/her e-mail address (if possible), sources of information on this object and the Feng Shui recommendations that have been used when constructing this object. If you have part of this information, it will help us too.

The book will consist of several articles each of them will be dedicated to one of the building objects. If you would like to participate in this work and to write one or several articles about the object that you personally or some other Feng Shui consultant were working on, please contact us about your willing to collaborate.

We will appreciate very much your help and collaboration in the work of the Feng Shui International Expert Council.

We will be also glad if you decide to participate in the Feng Shui Annual International Competition.

We also ask you to give the information about the Expert Council and the Competition to all the specialists who could show their interest in it.

We wish you success in your work.
With kind regards,

Chairman of the Expert Council
Lev Igelnik, Ph.D