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About me

Lev Igelnik is one of the first specialists who started to study in depth and professionally work in Feng Shui in Russia. A large number of his lectures and publications dedicated to the topic of Feng Shui since 1995 catalyzed an increasing interest for this art in Russia.

His book “Energy of your house” edited in 1997 was the first book on Feng Shui written in Russian language and it attracted a vast interest. The books “Feng Shui. Art of living” and “Feng Shui for businessmen” were already had two editions in Russia. The book “Indian Vastu and Chinese Feng Shui” are dedicated to the comparison of the two ancient sciences that work with the energy of the space of living. A two volume “Manual of Feng Shui” that is created not only for the beginners in Feng Shui, but also for specialists in this field is a first manual of Feng Shui and it doesn’t have analogues not only in Russian but also in English languages.

Doctor of technical sciences, Lev Igelnik has a strict attitude and analyses in depth the unique information, recommendations and rules of Feng Shui that have come to us from the ancient centuries. In his books he adapts the ancient eastern science to the western culture and to the life in the big modern cities.

At present Lev Igelnik works as a Feng Shui consultant in Russia, Asia, Eastern and Western Europe. He leads a Feng Shui school in Moscow and master classes for practitioners.

Since 2007 he is a Сhairman of the International Feng Shui Expert Council.

Lev Igelnik specializes in Feng Shui consulting of constructing of big building objects, such as private houses, big offices, apartment buildings, shopping centers and office buildings, banks, hotels, residential housing estates, city districts etc.